Private Yoga 

In a private yoga session, we focus on what you want/need to work on. That could mean meditation, restorative, alignment, quick flow. We will collaborate on designing your session.

Hybrid Sessions

Hybrid sessions are half-massage, half mat massage and restorative poses. That’s right, YOGA + MASSAGE. Two great tastes that taste great together. Personalized just for you.

Private Group Classes

Want me to teach a class just for you and your friends? Cool. You choose the theme and the physical focus of the class and I’ll bring myself, the music, and some fragrant oils.

Home Practice Design

In a Home Practice Design session, you and I work together to create a practice that meets your individual needs. Then you do the practice with full hands-on adjustments from me. Most people like to record these sessions so they can use the practice whenever suits them.

Thai Massage

Thai massage starts with a lovely session on the Chi Machine, which rocks you gently and prepares the body to receive. I use a combination of Thai, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Positional Release. I recommend this work for general rebalancing and for physically active people who could use a good reworking. This massage takes place fully clothed on a mat and no oil is used.

Personal Alchemy Coaching Sessions

In coaching sessions we hack your lifestyle habits using the tools of yoga. If you are looking to do serious one-on-one personal work, this is the place to do it. Coaching Sessions are only available to students who have taken workshops with me or for students who are interested in committing to 6-12 sessions.


$108 for 75 minutes

$127 for 90 minutes

$172 for 120 minutes

$249 for 180 minutes

Pay for a Session or a Gift

Want to pay online for an upcoming session or a gift certificate? Here ya go.

75 Minute Session


90 Minute Session


120 Minute Session


180 Minute Session



If you are serious about working with me, I recommend you buy a package of sessions. I always prioritize scheduling regular clients over new ones. There is a 10% discount if you purchase 5 sessions and a 20% discount if you purchase 10. Packages are good for 3 or 6 months.

The Not-So-Fine Print

All sessions take place in my home studio in Holy Cross. I have cats and dogs, but mostly they don’t bother people.

I charge an additional $50 for outcalls within New Orleans.


You can schedule with me by clicking here.

Please note that I usually book about 2 weeks in advance and that I am not accepting new clients. If you already attend my classes or have seen me in the past, please reach out. Otherwise, if you email me, I am happy to refer you out.


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