Tracey has wonderful teaching methods & a wonderfully calming & soothing voice-even if she has you sweating with legs shaking. BUT, more importantly she has a loving & kind presence that people are drawn too & it has helped encourage the better parts of my nature to grow and bloom!!!
-John Hebert, New Orleans

Because of Tracey, I learned a proper and deep downward facing dog. It was so simple but so enlightening when I achieved it.
-Rae Burruss, New Haven

Tracey’s “More Yoga Less BS ” boot camp really changed my practice of yoga, I developed a consistent home practice and deepened my studio practice. I also was able to develop a consistent meditation practice which changed my life and saved my sanity. Tracey is an extraordinarily gifted teacher and a beautiful human being.
-Karen Meyer, New Orleans

Tracey’s teaching in class is irreplaceable but her yoga philosophy has motivated me to practice at home. A yogi since 2009ish, I have never successfully practiced over an hour in m home. Now I do and I am forever grateful to her for coaching this practice in and out of the studio. I look forward to being her student for as long as I am practicing yoga.
-Rachel Joyce, New Orleans

Classes with Tracey are like therapy, only cheaper and more beneficial. My first class with her I swear she was reading my mind and she made yoga something I actually wanted to go to, rather than something I just thought I should be going to.
-Robyn Ann, New Orleans

Tracey’s classes are a precipitous balance of ass-kicking sweatiness and generous sweetness, with a down-to-earth, participatory ethos underpinning it all. Her teaching is grounded in a deep exploration of the ways in which yoga is alive beyond the bounds of our sticky mats, out here in the joyous, terrible, complicated, real world.
-Bear Hebert, New Orleans

I first heard about Tracey when speaking with a fellow yogi about favorite teachers. A friend recommended Tracey to me because I enjoy a yoga class with therapeutics. I went to her class and Steven didn’t steer me wrong! Her tranquil voice and calming aura is soothing, but her eclectic music choices keep things interesting. She is very informative and the mini massages in class are welcomed. I have attended several classes and her “More Yoga Less Bullshit Bootcamp” and the things I learned I use daily. I recommend her classes and immersions to anyone looking to delve deeper into their practice with a badass chick leading the way.
-Ashley Fruge, New Orleans

Tracey balances challenging sequencing required of a strong asana practice with the philosophical sensitivity of a well seasoned yogi. I recommend students of all movement backgrounds to her class!
-Odessa Whitman

Tracey is an amazing badass who makes me work hard for it without shaming me in any way.
-Sara Bonar, New Orleans

Tracey is a wise and kind teacher with classes that are wonderfully challenging and caring. Her commitment to all aspects of the yoga practice (philosophical, psychological, and physical), along with her punk ethos, creates a teaching style that is well-rounded, balanced, and authentic.
-Anni Bannanni, New Orleans

I always kind of thought I would hate yoga because I hated all of the clothes and the stereotypes and what I saw of the westernized culture surrounding it.
I almost got scared off at first but then I took one of traceys classes on my second attempt and to this day she is still about the only teacher I’ve found that makes me comfortable.
She makes it accessible to the types of people who’s disposition would normally keep them away from group activities, human social interaction and daylight.
Sometimes I think if you listen to the cues from the universe it provides you the mentors you need at any given time whether or not you’re consciously seeking them. As long as she is teaching she will have a student in me.
-Angela Shroeder, New Orleans

Tracey is a real as it gets. Her openness and honesty about her own yoga journey makes her approachable and sincere. She is thoughtful and kind and always looks for the best in her students. What I admire most about Tracey is the hard work and dedication to her own practice which makes her a great teacher. She is always prepared to lead a yoga class that covers all details of the practice. She also gives amazing thai therapeutics sessions that will leave you feeling energized and blissed out.
-Natasha Parks, New Orleans

Tracey Duncan is the *only* massage therapist who has ever provided me any significant relief from my chronic neck and shoulder pain. She supplements her excellent training with an intuitive understanding of the body, balancing therapeutic discomfort (when necessary) with revitalizing relaxation. Her yoga classes are challenging but calm and focused, with a nice blend of athletic and spiritual endeavor. She is an excellent wellness coach, and helped push my body further than I believed possible. Tracey is a strong, kind person who gives her strength to others by teaching them to better care for themselves.
-Sarah Perry, NYC, NY
Tracey introduced me to yoga three years ago and I have yet to find an instructor that I like better. Looking forward to practicing with her now that we’ll be in the same city again! She helped me repair and strengthen my weak shoulder and I am forever thankful for this. Lucky to have her back!
-Argerie Villalobos, New Orleans, LA
I have been taking regular classes with Tracey for seven months now. Tracey’s classes are absolutely amazing. Tracey begins each class with very insightful dharma talks – usually exactly what I need to hear at the time. She chooses excellent playlists for her classes and is always positive and upbeat. Each class ends with Yoga Nidra, which an excellent reward for all the hard work put in during class. Sometimes knowing that I get that Yoga Nidra is coming is what gets me through the class! Tracey gets to know her students well and finds the perfect balance between pushing them to their edge without going too far. She has helped me to deepen my physical practice as well as my spiritual practice. I would highly recommend her classes – they will change your life. Tracey’s massages are also wonderful. I visited her for regular massages for a month and she helped to work out some issues I have been having for a while. She personalizes each massage according to her client’s needs. She also recommends different types of massage therapy based on need. I have had her deep tissue and Thai massage and they were both great. Tracey is tremendously invested in her practices and I would personally recommend her services to anyone who is in need of spiritual or physical healing.
-Erica Paxton, Baton Rouge, LA
Tracey’s yoga is therapeutic. I go to her class and find inspiration. She coaches with an encouraging tone yet has a voice helps me relax and forget the troubles of the outside world. She makes a cardio queen like me want to include yoga in her exercise regime!
-Billie Alost, Baton Rouge, LA
Tracey convinced me to take her class three years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. She’s an awesome instructor who quickly becomes familiar with her students and tunes in to their strengths and weaknesses. She gives you options if a certain pose is unattainable at the moment and encouragement letting you know that yoga is a constant learning curve, if there’s something you’re afraid of or nervous about she eases you into it slowly. She has a soft, slow, soothing voice that lulls you into focus even when you’re in the most difficult poses. Then as soon as you think you’ve mastered a pose she adds a new element and you suddenly realize there’s so much more to learn. She has several amazing play lists that cater to her classes whether they are fast paced or slow. She integrates the yoga philosophies and Sutras into her classes and teaches the history of where poses originated. The meditation technique that she uses at the end of every class, Yoga Nidra, is more relaxing than smoking a joint. Honestly, it’s what got me hooked. Yoga is more than just stretching and breathing, its a way of life and you’ll learn that in Tracey’s class because she’s more than just an exercise instructor, she’s a teacher, an amazing teacher. I recommend Tracey’s class to everyone. She will lure you in with her sweet smile and soothing voice then kick your ass and you won’t be able to get enough.
-Melissa Savoy, Baton Rouge, LA
Tracey is fantastic yoga instructor. She quickly familiarizes herself with her students practices and is always helpful and encouraging. She conducts very unique, enjoyable, and beneficial classes. She is also a terrific masseuse. I have ongoing neck issues and recently had a deep tissue massage from her and I felt great for days.
-Britt Christensen, Baton Rouge, LA
Tracey is one of my favorite yoga instructors. Her teaching is a mixture of the laid-back style common to most yoga pedagogy and the more challenging style that predominates personal training. She encourages her students to try new things that might intimidate them at first by pointing out to them that what they are about to attempt is far less difficult than things they have already done in her class. This type of encouragement has been particularly useful to me, as I have only been doing yoga for a year, and I am an older student with previous injuries, and so I can be a little tentative in my practice. I am going to miss her so much, and next time I find myself in New Orleans for the day, I am going to try and attend one of her classes at Swan River.
-June Pulliam, Baton Rouge, LA
Tracey is actually my favorite yoga instructor ever. She’s challenging without being pushy, and she is very good about correcting positions without making you feel like an ass. Also, I really want to say how much I love her “yoga voice.” Now that she’s left BR, I wish I had made more effort to go to more of her classes. :'(
-Sarah Ferstel, Baton Rouge, LA
I have taken yoga classes from Tracey off and on for almost 2 years. Her classes were always a perfect compliment to my day. Invigorating when I needed the extra push and relaxing when I needed to take a deep breath. She is always helpful with form/posture/poses but never pushes your body beyond what it is able to do at that time. If she were in Houston, I’m certain I’d still be enjoying her classes now! Tracey – good luck in your new endeavors, they are lucky to have you!
Stacie Price, Houston, TX
Tracey, you are a very knowledgeable, kind and patient yoga instructor. You have always helped me with my form, given me options for poses as needed, and helped me develop a true love of yoga! Your relaxation techniques are fantastic and the spirit and love in which you share your talents with others is true beauty! I literally almost fell asleep during one of your massages. You are so talented and I’m happy to know you!!! 😉
-Jerri Mack, Baton Rouge, LA
Tracey is, by far, one of the best massage therapists. I have received body work for years, from massage to rolfing to PT,and Tracey’s magic hands helped with issues none of the others were able to address. I have chronic back pain and for at least 2 weeks after Tracey works on me, my back feels more balanced, functional, and just plain good.
-Jennifer Richard, Baton Rouge, LA

‎Tracey Duncan is the best GD yoga voice on the planet.
-Kristy Kincaide Norris, Baton Rouge, LA